Welcome to Jade/graphics, formally known as graphics by dubird! I'm assuming you're here because you want some free graphics. Well, you've come to the right spot! I have numerous graphics sets to choose from, as well as different elements. I've also got a good collection of wallpapers for your computer desktop! So look around and I hope you find what you're looking for. ^_^ Happy building!

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So yeah. Real life kinda sucks at times!

I am not dead, nor have I given up on this site. However, there's a lot of updating I need to do, so that's been taking a while. Mostly, I want to revamp and recode the layouts I think will be useful so they're updated to the latest coding standards. And when I've done so, trying to learn WP enough to convert a few. I seriously doubt any will be used, but it's good practice. So while things are a bit static here, this site isn't dead quite yet!

posted by: Dubird | posted on: 08.04.2021


Gone through and removed many of the layouts. Some because they just weren't that good, and some because I intend to remake them with better code. And make some blog templates for b2evolution and maybe Wordpress if I can figure it out! Right now, I'm in the process of remembering which ones I removed and removing them from the database. I will eventually have all the graphics loaded into the new site, and will eventually forward everything to that. So, yeah. Slow progress, but progess none the less!

posted by: Dubird | posted on: 07.04.2016

Update on the update

So, it looks like to make this work how I want it to, I'm going to have to make a post for ALL of the graphics I want to show up. *headdesk* Which is going to take a while. On the plus side, it will give me incentive to weed out older layouts that don't work as well as I want and maybe make some adjustments on the ones I want to keep so the code is more current.

Also, I am learning WP so I can make WP templates of some of the layouts. I'll also be converting some to b2evo, because that's what I use, I like it, and there's not a lot of current templates available. So yeah. As soon as I can get some things up, I'll switch this over and we'll have a fresh start. Whee!

posted by: Dubird | posted on: 05.01.2016

Future of this site

So, just in case someone comes across this, no I haven't given up. A LOT happened last year, including two moves and many classes, so my time for this was limited. Things are slowing down now, though, and I'm going to have to redo how the b2evo works. For some reason, when I switched to a new host, it doesn't want to work the same. *headdesk* Regardless, I'm hoping to get it up and running in the next month or so.

One of the things I am planning on doing with the new site is provide tutorials on different things. I already have a couple done, so I'll be mixing that in with new graphics. I'm also working in WordPress, so not only will I be converting (and making new) layouts to b2evo, I'll be converting them to WP as well. That will take a while, but I'm hoping between both of these things, I'll be able to produce more material for everyone to use. So, check back in a couple of months, where even if I don't get the template working, I will change this layout!! XD

posted by: Dubird | posted on: 04.05.2015


In case you were wondering, the conversion is working well so far. I need to redo my tutorials to work within the system, but I FINALLY figured a way to make b2evo handle most everything. It's a bit hacky in terms of function, but it works and since I'm the only one using it, that's good enough for me! XD
posted by: Dubird | posted on: 18.04.2013

New Layouts and News

New layout: City Lights and new layout last week as well.

In other news, I'm trying to revamp EVERYTHING here. I've gotten a new layout ready, but what I want to do is convert everything over to let b2evo control as much as possible, instead of just these news posts. That means figuring out how to display the info in the database inside the blogging software. Once I get that worked out, I will be swapping this out and putting it on a subdomain. I'd still love to move everything over to a new server, but that's out of my realm right now. ^_^
posted by: Dubird | posted on: 12.03.2013

New layouts

2 of them because I forgot to post it last week. ^_^; Anyways, a simple layout done with Super Blade Pro that I really liked, and another Sailor Moon layout.
posted by: Dubird | posted on: 27.02.2013

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