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Well, I've decided to go back to basics with the JokeList. That means that maybe I can keep it up better. -_-; Anyhoo, below are the back issues of the JL that I've been able to rescue from the various crashes I've had when I had my GoPlay and V3 account, as well as the Best of the JokeList archive. That's where just various jokes that are my personal favorites end up. It's not updated all that often, but if you're just stumbling on this site, you might want to look at them. There's some stuff in there that I had up before I started doing the JL! There's now a form you where you can sign up, but if it doesn't work, my email is at the bottom. With that said, enjoy the jokes!

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Best of the JL:

One~Liners and Ponderables

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Miscellaneous 1
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Clean Jokes

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Not~So~Clean Jokes

Not~So~Clean Jokes 1
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