Welcome to my DB Pixels, my own little pixel art site. I've only recently started working with pixels, but it's a nice challenge and something fun to play with. So I decided to make a little site to show off and offer any bases and/or props that I've come up with on my own (not to mention it gave me the chance to play with a new layout! ^_^;) Before you take off and start looking, please read the rules linked in the Site Info page (they're also linked on all the art pages). The navigation is below, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Cleaned up the link section and added some new ones. Will probally add more, but I tend to look for ones that have stuff that I want to use, and so many pixel sites that haven't disappeared tend to have bases that look the same or have the huge head bases, which actually kinda freak me out. o.@

Another new layout and a new base. It's the one I used for Masika up there. Enjoy!

New base. Hopefully new pixels soon, just gotta motivate myself. >< Oh, and Lei's link on the side has changed. Yay, domain name! ^_^

New pixel, and I revised the layout. It looked awesome on my monitor at home, but was very odd on my work monitor, which is 1024x768. Since that's more common now, I modified the layout to one that'll work better with that. And, it won't be too weird at 800x600 either. ^_^

New layout! With new pixel and a few other things. I think that about does it. I'm honestly not as happy with the layout, but I LOVE how Masika came out. Heh. That song kept running through my head, so I had to get it out. XD

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